Email-to-SMS Gateway

Sending Messages via the CentSMS Email-to-SMS Gateway

The CentSMS Email-to-SMS gateway provides a simple way to send text messages via email.

STEP 1: Open your email application; whatever application you typically use to send emails. This could be GMail, Yahoo Mail, Microsoft Outlook, etc. Make sure your email address for this account is the same as the one you registered in your CentSMS account.

STEP 2: Compose an email:

  • In “To”, include each of the phone number(s) you would like the message sent to, each followed by
  • In “Subject” put any text you wish; this text will NOT be sent as part of your message(s).
  • In the message body, enter the text for your text message(s).

STEP 3: Press Send! You’ve now sent your text message(s)!